Free Raisels Fruit Snack Sample

"Simple ingredients mean Raisels are the simply delicious anytime-anywhere snack. 100% Vitamin C, all natural flavor, REAL dried fruit golden raisins and a light dusting of sugar – 5 times less added sugar than dried sweetened cranberries! – make Raisels the healthy alternative to cookies, candy and gummy fruit snacks.

From the Raisels Facebook Page: "If you haven't had a chance to try Raisels, you can now request a sample via Facebook!! Click on the left side link "Free Samples!" and follow the instructions! Please enjoy!"

Visit their Facebook page to learn more and to request your Free Raisels Fruit Snack Sample.

Note: As of this post, the Free Sample link in their sidebar is not working and has crashed (as with most Facebook Freebies). Keep checking to see when it returns.


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