Free Guns'n'Glory Game App for Android

Today's (5/15/11) Free Android Game App is Guns'n'Glory by www.handy-games.com. (You Save: $.99).

Nothing made the Wild West wilder than its Outlaws: the James Gang, the Wild Bunch, the Hole in the Wall Gang, and all of those other legendary desperadoes. And who doesn't secretly want to wear the black hat sometimes?

Guns'n'Glory knows you do. So here's your chance: Become a stone-cold outlaw. Choose from Deadwood-era Dakota, Wyatt Earpp's New Mexico, or frontier Mississippi, Nevada, or Oregon locales for your evil doings. Ride into a dusty outpost and hire your own gang of riflemen, rustlers, braves, and bandits. Stake out the high ground and look for some juicy trains and stagecoaches to raid. The next time a group of unwitting pilgrims come along, spring your ambush with rifles, shotguns, and dynamite."

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