Free Enjoy Sudoku Game App for Android

Today's (5/13/11) Free Android Game App is Enjoy Sudoku by Jason Linhart (You Save: $2.99).

"Puzzle lovers take note: If you want a pure, full-featured Sudoku experience and can do without flashy animations and filler, Enjoy Sudoku is here to fill that niche. Play a daily or randomly generated puzzle, track your time, and compare it to other users. Adjust the input interface as you like it for quick solving. Learn advanced techniques and develop your skill. Compare your times with other players. Enjoy Sudoku.

With unlimited play at 16 difficulty levels, novices and experienced players alike will appreciate Enjoy Sudoku. The comprehensive tutorial (with advanced techniques including X-Wings, sashimi fish, XY-Chains, and Alternating Inference Chains), extensive feature set, and gradual hint system offer something for every player. The more you play, the more you will enjoy it."

You will need to install Amazon Appstore on your mobile phone or tablet.

FYI: Free Today 5/13/11 Only. Amazon Appstore is only available to customers located in the United States

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