Free AT&T U-verse TV Standard Remote Control

"The AT&T U-verse TV Standard Remote Control puts you in command of your entertainment experience. Compatible with all U-verse TV receivers.

The most popular buttons are backlit for easy viewing, allowing navigation in movie-theater darkness.

Controls your U-verse TV receiver and up to 3 other devices, including your TV, DVD player and Home Theater Receiver.

One hand ergonomic design for ease-of-operation and one touch access to the features you use most (Programming Guide, Video on Demand, DVR and Interactive applications)."

To get your Free AT&T U-verse TV Standard Remote Control, click "Add to Cart" and the enter Promotional Code: remote1

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Promotional Code: remote1

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Michael said...

38 Minutes ago this was sent to my E-mail. Went to site and was told this has expired!! WTF?

Sammie said...

Sorry Michael, if you have been requesting freebies for any time now you know that FREEBIES don't last long. I've posted freebies that have expired within minutes. Thanks for visiting Freebie Fanatics.

Amanda said...

Yes that happened to me too! I got an email that was recieved with 2 minutes of clicking on the site and then expired! I contacted the company asking why would stuff be expired so quick? They told me, well its because we dont want things up for so long, we lose money.................
Why do it then? I told then that I just recieved th email then its expires not even 3 minutes agter recieving it...and the guy said nothing!

Sammie said...

I agree with you Amanda, it's frustrating. Many times I receive offers in my e-mail and click within minutes to find them expired. I can't complain to much though as they are offering it free. Thanks for your comment and for visiting Freebie Fanatics.