Free Lemonade Day Selling Kit Backpack

"Entrepreneurship is the past, present and undoubtedly the future of our nation, for the rich and the poor alike. And no organization supports this concept more than Lemonade Day. For this reason, we wish to partner with every city in America on Lemonade Day. Together we can provide the opportunity for every child in America to build their own “American Dream” through Lemonade Day. The time is now to come together to rebuild a sustainable economic future for America’s families and to give the children of this great country the tools to succeed in life.

Learn more about Lemonade Day and request your Free Lemonade Day Selling Kit Backpack. After you register you have to print the page and visit one of their locations to pick up your Free Lemonade Day Selling Kit Backpack.

FYI: Select locations in the USA.

What do I have to provide:

Children information
Terms and conditions

After registration form was sent: "Congratulations on taking your first step toward becoming an entrepreneur! Please print this screen as confirmation that you have registered and click here to find a backpack pick up location near you. Bring this page with you when you pick up your backpack."

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