Free Paper Towels

"STARTING THIS SUMMER Get It For Free Online will be selecting tens of thousands of households to receive it's first free paper towel offer!

Sign up right now to be one of them. It will take you one minute and 52 seconds. There's no catch, no hidden costs, and no money or financial information changing hands.

Here's HOW it works.

To get your Free Paper Towels just sign up.

We use your sign up information to fit you into a group that interests our sponsors.

Once we get enough people like you into one group, we'll match your group to the right sponsors - the ones you'd want in your home.

Then we will activate your account and email your activation code so you can order products online every month. You get a monthly supply based on your household size, so please remember to fill in all the members of your household when registering!


What do I have to provide:

Confirm Password
Household income
Number of People in Household
Short survey
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After registration form was sent: "Registration Complete! The faster we fill your group, the faster you will get your FREE stuff, so do a little marketing for us and get others like you involved as fast as you can."

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