Free Overkill Game Application (Iphone, Ipad, iPod Touch )

Free Overkill Game Application by Craneballs Studios LLC.

"In the near future the world has collapsed. You have been hired as a mercenary to fight against the enemy. Be paid for everything you kill and destroy and buy new weapons or upgrade the current ones. 12 weapons (incl. AK-47, M4, SCAR, RPG) with upgradable Scopes, Stocks, Cartridges, Barrels and Frontmouths gives you over 100 combinations! Fight through 80 waves and 4 extra Hell waves in 4 locations.

Other Feature of Overkill include:

• lots of blood, explosions
• awesome high-definition graphics
• music and sound effect
• upgrade your weapon the way you like, take a Snapshot and send it to your friends
• detailed Stats you measure your progress (kills, bullets shot, accuracy, etc)

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FYI: USA. "Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later."

What do I have to provide:

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