3 Free Issues of Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade Magazine

"Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade magazine features Food Network host Sandra Lee's signature readymade plus fresh ingredients solution for recipes and decorating. Find money-saving ideas for all occasions in each issue of Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade Magazine.

** Thank you Colleen **

FYI: "Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade magazine is published 6 times a year. Please allow 4 to 8 weeks delivery for new subscribers in the US only. Offer expires 10/15/2011."

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After registration form was sent: "Your order has been submitted and will be mailed to: ****. Please print a copy of this form for your records.

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Anonymous said...

You have to buy her book before you get the free mags....

Included with your purchase of The Complete Cookbook are 3 free issues of Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade magazine. Compliments of Sandra Lee.

So, not free :(

Sammie said...

I take it to mean it’s for people who bought this cookbook?

Other readers have stated that there was a card inside of the cookbook after it was purchased, with this offer listed.

I ordered so we will see what happens.

Also use your best judgment when ordering Freebies.

Thanks for your comment.