50 Free Disney Movie Rewards Points

Here's a new code to get yourself 50 FREE Disney Movie Rewards Points.

"Not A Member? Join Disney Movie Rewards! It's FREE, and you can start redeeming points immediately. It's easy to earn great rewards when you collect points available with participating Disney films." Freebie Fanatics will even help you out by posting when we find codes.

Visit the Disney Movie Rewards website and enter the code word listed for 50 FREE Disney Movie Rewards Points.

Code = COOL

FYI: USA and Canada. You must be 13 or over to join.

What do I have to provide:

Birth date
Confirm password
Terms and conditions box

After registration form was sent: "Congratulations, you've just earned 50 points towards cool stuff. And remember to enter your Magic Codes from Disney Blu-rays and DVDs for for additional points!"

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Lisa said...

Thank You so much I really needed that 50 Disney Movie Rewards bonus points code. I didn't think they were going to post any new codes this holiday season but they did. Do you know if their going to post a code for January, 1, 2011 for the new year of 2011. They did last year for January, 1, 2010 for the new year of 2010 and the code was CELEBRATE but it's not valid anymore so you can't use it.
Actually nobody can use it anymore. But thank you again for the code. Just please remember to post a answer for me about the code in January 2011 for me please I would really like that and I think other people would like that. Thank You.

Sammie said...

Hi Lisa, I don't know if they are going to post a new code for New Years. I'm sure they will and if so, it will be added to Freebie Fanatics as has been all of the past codes. Thank for the comment and a Happy and Healthy New Year to you and your family.

Sammie said...

Hey Lisa, the New Year's code has been posted to Freebie Fanatics and it's worth 50 points! Visit:

50 Free Disney Movie Rewards Points