Free Sample of Prilosec OTC

You have to qualify by answering two questions about your heartburn to be eligible for the free sample of Prilosec OTC.

"With one Prilosec OTC® pill a day, you can block frequent heartburn symptoms before they strike for a full 24 hours of heartburn relief. That's because Prilosec OTC fights a heartburn day and night by shutting down many of the acid pumps in your stomach. It's the all-day, all-night heartburn protection you need.*

* It's possible while taking Prilosec OTC. Use as directed for 14 days for treating frequent heartburn."

** Thank you Heather **


What do I have to provide:

Two questions
Date of birth
Confirm E-mail
Two opt in boxes

After registration form was sent: "Your Prilosec OTC® sample is on the way! Once address is verified - your sample should arrive in approximately 6-8 weeks."

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