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"With an incredibly delicious flavor for every taste and a powerful formulation for every lifestyle, SPIRU-TEIN is truly the world’s greatest energizing protein shake! So choose the SPIRU-TEIN formulation that is right for you, indulge your senses in luscious flavor variety, and unleash your natural energy with superior nutrition! Enhance your life with SPIRU-TEIN: The Energy Drink For Every Lifestyle!"

For a FREE single serving Spiru-tein Sample (limit one), plus discount coupons toward your first purchase, fill out the form at http://www.naturesplus.com/coupons/spiru-tein/. Please find your 4-digit promotional code on the bottom-right corner of the SPIRU-TEIN Lifestyle advertisement coupon in Energy Times:"

Promotional Code: 5646

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Promotional Code: 5646
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