Free EdenFantasys Tote Bag

We had the FREE EdenFantasys Tote Bag posted back in August and they did come.

"Remember those lovely EdenFantasys Tote Bags we gave away a few months ago for EdenReviews sign-ups? Did you hear about the promotion only after it had ended? Do you wish someone had clued you in earlier so you could’ve grabbed a fancy tote of your own?

Luckily for you, we’ve decided to give away Free Totes once more as part of an ongoing sign-up campaign for Eden Reviews. Be sure to tell your friends!

Starting today, anyone who completes the sign up process for EdenReviews will get a Free EdenFantasys Tote Bag, and a BONUS coupon code for 25% Off at EdenFantasys."

** Thank you Heather **

FYI: USA, possibly outside of the US but not sure

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Anonymous said...

To my knowledge, this freebie is not restricted to the U.S. Unless the country has specific anti-tote bag laws, you can definitely get this freebie :)

gekkon said...

Better use coupon code SKN ... it is a better offer for us.