FREE CFL Light Bulb (for blogs or websites)

Cooler Planet is trying to do their part to help spread awareness of what switching to CFL light bulbs can do to your energy savings and green house emission reduction.

They would like to start the CFL conversion process for you and send you a FREE CFL Light Bulb (it even looks like an incandescent bulb)!.

All you have to do to get your FREE CFL Light Bulb is spread the word by posting their badge blog or website to show that you are doing your part in saving the planet for our future generations.


What do I have to provide:

Website or blog address

After registration form was sent: "Thank You! You are on your way to saving energy on your home and reducing the carbon emissions that will help save the planet for our kids and future generations to come! To expedite the shipping of your bulb, please make sure your badge is installed on your website or blog, just copy and paste the code above!"

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