FREE Kraft Sampling Event at Walmart (7/1/2010 - 7/3/2010)

"Visit your local store and experience with all your senses new items from Kraft. Join us July 1-3 for the Kraft Independence Day sampling event."

You can expect to sample 8 of Kraft’s new products:

* Hot Dogs (Angus Bun Length Hot Dogs)
* Kool Aid Fun Fizz
* Crystal Light Pure
* Dentyne Pure
* Oreo Fudge Cremes
* Ritz Munchables Pretzel Thins
* Jello Mousse (Mint)
* 100 Calorie Cheese Bites

Visit the FREE Kraft Sampling Event at Walmart link to learn more and to find your participating Walmart locations.

** Thank you Heather **


What do I have to provide:

Visit participating Walmart on listed dates (7/1/2010 - 7/3/2010).

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