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"The vision of Azuré "The Scent of Flawless"TM manifested itself to Product Designer Azuré Turner at the age of 13; with spiritual guidance and grace, she worked very hard to create this product. Her vision brings forth the fragrance of Azuré "The Scent of Flawless"TM, a dream of divine perfection.

In Azuré's pursuit to achieve perfection, flawlessness became her most enduring concern. Allowing herself to seek excellence of a higher power, she thought of the flawlessness of God. But even then, her mind could not imagine His precision; she could only dream of the fragrance.

Azuré "The Scent of Flawless"TM a heavenly perfume."

FYI: "Free samples are only available for customers residing in U.S. All Sample Requests are on Back Order until June 30th."

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