FREE Women at War Magazine

"You're invited to receive a free copy of this special publication, Women at war, from the VFW. In this unique, single issue magazine, the VFW salutes you and the role of women veterans from the Revolutionary War to today.

FREE Women at War Magazine details the role of women in war throughout the ages, as well as profiling some of the more courageous acts displayed by female warriors. A section on helping women like us readjust to civilian life following military service is included.

As a tribute to all female veterans, past and present, VFW magazine is offering this commemorative publication to you at no charge."

** Big thanks to Heather **

FYI: "U.S. addresses only, please."

What do I have to provide:

Current status
VFW member
Opt in box

After registration form was sent: "Thank you for requesting your free copy of this special VFW publication, Women at war. You'll receive your copy soon, and in the meantime, stay in touch with your She Serves comrades at JoinSheServes.org."

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