Free Photo Books with Full-Page Layouts

Free photo books with full-page layouts from HotPrints.

Information from HotPrints: "We have teamed up with select partners to sponsor one free photo book per month per customer. Yes, even the shipping and handling are free!

Don't worry, the advertisements will NOT be on the same pages as your photos. All advertisements will be on removable full-page inserts. We are very, very selective with our partners and will not include anything that is offensive. In fact, we may include offers and brands that are valuable to you. We also take your privacy very seriously and will not share any individual data with third parties. You will always have the option to pay for your books and we will not include any advertising."

Free Photo Books with Full-Page Layouts

FYI: "The offer of "1 free every month" only applies to HotBooks, and is limited to HotBooks to be shipped to addresses in the US, UK and Canada. The offer is not currently available for shipping to any other regions."

What do I have to provide:

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After registration form was sent: "You have one free book credit and from now on you will automatically get one FREE HotBook each calendar month (including shipping) sponsored by our select partners.

Your order has completed successfully...thank you!"

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