Free Love Letter Kit (through 2/14/10)

"Write from the Heart!

Our Love Letter Kits are wildly popular! Each kit contains everything you need to write two love letters including tips to get you started.

Love Notes! Make sure and visit our blog for great information and a free love note tip for National Marriage Week (Valentine’s Week)! An idea will be posted for a love note daily Feb. 7-13th. Then present your Love Letter on Feb. 14th.

Toward the middle of the page you will see how many kits are available for the day!

FYI: "Because our kits are so popular and we don’t have unlimited supplies, we will release 400 a day now through National Marriage Week Feb. 7- 14th. If we have given all 400 out in a day, we will replenish the supply every morning at 10 am CST." USA

What do I have to provide:

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