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"With Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010, your people get a wide range of powerful new ways to do their best work from more places – whether they’re using a PC, smartphone or web browser. From insightful updates to Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Outlook, to new server integration capabilities that make it easier for everyone to track, report and share vital information, Office Professional Plus 2010 offers the complete package through familiar, intuitive tools."

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FYI: "This software will expire in October 2010. The Office Professional Plus 2010 Beta software is available in the following languages: Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish"

What do I have to provide:

Steps to download evaluation

1. Review system requirements.

2. Register for evaluation.

3. Download software.

4. Check email for resources.

After registration form was sent: "Welcome! We are pleased to invite you into the Microsoft® Office Starter program to be among the first people in the world to experience Office Starter 2010.

The following link will bring you to Microsoft Connect, where you will find downloads available for a pre-release version of Microsoft Office Starter 2010. You will also find product information and have the chance to participate in newsgroups to engage with our product teams and other program participants. Please note that there is no technical support offered for this program.

Before joining the Starter program, make sure your system is running Windows 7 or Vista SP1 or higher. If your system does not meet this requirement, Office Starter will not install.

To get started, please click on the link below. This is a one-time-use only url associated with this e-mail address, it cannot be shared with others to join the program. This will bring you to the Connect site where you will need to sign in with your Windows Live ID/Passport account. If you do not have a Windows Live ID, you will be prompted to do so from the Connect site."

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Georgie Pie said...

I personally tend to favour SSuite Office’s free office suites. Their software also don’t need to run on Java or .NET, like so many open source office suites, so it makes their software very small and efficient.