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• Help you improve your wrestling technique.
• Teach you how to Develop better match strategies.
• Give you the best in coaching tips from the nation's best coaches.
• Show you the nation's award winning wrestling action photos.
• Give you advise from National and Olympic wresting champions.
• Show you the latest in Sports medicine for wrestlers.
• Insert several large "Wrestling Action Posters" in upcoming issues.
• Tell you about wrestling dynasties on the high school and college levels
• Keep you updated on the nations best wrestlers with our national high school rankings
• Keep you updated with the national high school team rankings
• Keep you updated with the national college wrestlers and team rankings
• Tell you about weight training for wrestlers
• Recognize the nation's best seniors, "High School All-America Teams"
• Show you who are the best wrestlers and teams in your state
• Give you the history of the nation's best wrestlers, wrestling teams and coaches
• Let you know who are the best in kid wrestling in the USA.
• Have historical articles on past high school and college wrestlers and wrestling teams.
• Give you the results of the state high school championships.
• Give you full results of the Olympic, world, Junior and cadet national championships.
• and much, much more.

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