Free Fruit Juice Drink Mix Samples (2 coupons)

"We'd like to thank you by sending you two free samples. Omega To Go and Berrie Crush.

Berrie Crush plus C™ is our 100% natural, great tasting, high antioxidant powdered fruit juice drink mix. Even kids love it! Each “anywhere, anytime” stick pack provides the antioxidant power of 3 servings of SuperFruits and over 100% the RDV for Vitamin C. All this in less then 30 calories and no added sugar! Berrie Crush™ is a Juice Bar in Every Packet™!

Omega To Go™ is a vegetarian way to help you get Omega-3 fatty acids that you need every day to support optimal brain, eye and heart health. One packet of Omega To Go™ is also high in antioxidants from natural Vitamins C, E, & D and is a good source of fiber! It is an orange creamsicle flavor that kids love! For the busy family, it’s Healthy To Go®!

Download coupon and enter code KIWI SAMPLE in the 'other source' field."

Free Fruit Juice Drink Mix Samples (2 coupons)

FYI: USA. "Limited quantities. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery."

What do I have to provide:

Other source = KIWI SAMPLE

After registration form was sent: "Download Healthy to Go Coupons. Use the link below to download your coupons. Thank you for your interest in Healthy to Go!"

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