Free MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) Ribbon

"Tie One On For Safety, originally named the "Project Red Ribbon Campaign" was created in 1986 to help heighten public attention to drinking and driving during the holiday season. This program was designed to encourage the public to become actively involved in the fight against drunk driving by tying a red ribbon to a visible place on their vehicle such as the antenna or side mirror.

Today the goals of this program are to recruit anti-drunk driving partners to tie MADD ribbons to a visible place on their vehicle; Project Red Ribbonboost awareness about drunk driving during the holiday season; to offer suggestions to deter drunk driving; and to increase MADD's identity with the red ribbon and its symbolism which is to prevent drunk driving.

You can promote the Tie One On For Safety campaign by providing red ribbons to organizations in the community, recording a phone message about safe and sober driving during the holiday season, displaying drunk driving statistics in your work place, distributing ribbons to people as they leave a meeting to drive home, and being a responsible party host."

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