Free Shop Smart, Live Well: Value Without Compromise guide and Hormel product coupons

"To help educate consumers, the makers of Hormel® Natural Choice® meats have created a supermarket guide to help shoppers find products with the most value, while offering tips and recipes from registered dietitian Patricia M. Bannan. The brochure is available for download along with product coupons.

This downloadable “Shop Smart, Live Well: Value Without Compromise” guide provides information on healthy, trusted and affordable options that people can feel good about eating and serving to their families. Specifically, the guide offers tips on how to:

Decipher various product claims;

Identify natural products in the supermarket

Make simple, smart shopping choices

Trade costly, unhealthy snacks for healthier, more affordable options

Live the “Shop Smart, Live Well” philosophy both in and out of the supermarket

Create delicious, all-natural recipes the whole family can enjoy."

Visit hormelnatural.com to learn more and to request your free Shop Smart, Live Well guide and Hormel product coupons

FYI: Guide is available worldwide, the coupons are only valid in the U.S.

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