Free GFI T-Shirt

Request your free t-shirt from GFI.

Quote from GFI website: "Prevent over 99% of spam from reaching your mailboxes and download the latest version of GFI MailEssentials TODAY by completing the form below.

If you download the new version TODAY you will also get this FREE t-shirt and be in with a chance to win $1,000! "

Visit the GFI website to learn more, download GFI MailEssentials and request your free GFI T-Shirt

Fill out the from and then click download. You will then be taken to the download page for the software. The download is a full version for unlimited users that times out after 10 days.

A link will be sent to you in your e-mail to get your free t-shirt. My e-mail arrived about 35 minutes after I downloaded the software.

** As always, a big thank you to Artie **

FYI: Worldwide?

What do I have to provide:

Office phone

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Vasuki Narasimha said...

Can we trust them? Will they really send T-Shirt worldwide?

I hope you can see my e-mail ID. Kindly let me know if you've received free stuff like this before..

Thank you..

Sammie said...

Hello Vasuki, I'm not sure if they will send it worldwide that's whay I have the question mark net to worldwide in the FYI. They have a space for country that lists many countries and I don't see anywhere they state who thry will send to.

Can we trust them? Good question as trust is so big nowdays. They are a reputable company but you have to decided on your own. I personally sent my information but that is totally up to you.

As for me receiving free stuff like this, I have received plenty of free t-shirts before. I found your e-mail on your blogger profile and will send you an e-mail.


Vasuki Narasimha said...

Oh.. okay..

I mean("Can we trust them?"), "can we believe they'll send?". I don't care about giving my postal address. I'm from a small town in India. So they can do nothing with my postal address.. :)

Lucky for living in US.. And congrats for getting those free stuff..

Sammie said...

Hi Vasuki, can we trust them to send the t-shirt. I wish I could give you a yes or no. The thing with free offers is most of the time you receive them but their is a percentage of the time that you won't receive anything or the offer is a bogus one used to collect your e-mail and/or mailing address.

As for this company, they have been around for some time. I did some further checking on them and found out:

GFI has offices in Malta, London, Raleigh, Hong Kong, and Adelaide which support more than 200,000 installations worldwide. GFI is a channel-focused company with over 10,000 partners throughout the world. GFI is also a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

I would have to say they will send them out BUT one can't be sure. If you do request one, please let me know if you receive it. Hope this helps.

Vasuki Narasimha said...

Oh.. Okay.. Thank you..

And yeah.. I'll let you know.. :)