Free Backcountry.com Stickers

"So you want some sticker love?

No problem. Fill out your info below, and we'll fire 'em your way.

If you want more stickers, put the Goats you have somewhere visible and take a photo.
Send the photo in, and we'll hook you up with more.

Keep spreading the Goat stoke in new places, document it with pics, and we'll keep
sending stickers."

Free Backcountry.com Stickers

** Thanks Megan **

FYI: "We love our international customers, but at this point we can't ship freebie stickers outside the U.S.A... we're working on it though so don't get too bummed."

What do I have to provide:


After registration form was sent: "Thanks! You'll get your Goats as soon as we get back from skiing. Or climbing. Or riding. Or something else awesome."

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