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"Music from World of Goo

Thank you to everyone who emailed asking about a World of Goo Soundtrack. This is probably as close to an "official" soundtrack I'll ever make for the game World of Goo. I'm making it available here on my personal portfolio for free. I wrote much of this music specifically for the game, but many of the tracks were excerpts from music I had written previously for various small projects, or just for fun. This soundtrack includes the full versions of most of those songs, as best as I was able to recover them.

1. World of Goo Beginning
2. The Goo Filled Hills
3. Brave Adventurers
4. Another Mysterious Pipe Appeared
5. World of Goo Corporation
6. Regurgitation Pumping Station
7. Threadcutter
8. Rain Rain Windy Windy
9. Jelly
10. Tumbler
11. Screamer
12. Burning Man
13. Cog in the Machine
14. Happy New Year ™ Brought to You by Product Z
15. Welcome to the Information Superhighway
16. Graphic Processing Unit
17. Years of Work
18. My Virtual World of Goo Corporation
19. Hello, MOM
20. Inside the Big Computer
21. Are You Coming Home, Love MOM
22. Ode to the Bridge Builder
23. The Last of the Goo Balls and the Telescope Operator
24. Best of Times
25. Red Carpet Extend-o-matic
26. World of Goo Corporation’s Valued Customers
27. World of Goo Ending"

World of Goo Soundtrack

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