Child Safety Package

"WAIT! As a concerned parent, you are eligible to receive...

Our Free "Child Safety Package" which includes:

1. Ebook "The 4 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make That Put Their Children at Risk".
2. "Child Identification Kit" that could save your child's life.
3. "Child Safety Tips" Newsletter.
4. "Just Yell Fire!" DVD to prevent abduction and teenage date rape.
5. "Child Safety Blog" entry updates as they happen.
6. $50 OFF coupon for Amber Alert GPS purchase!"

Just use your first name and valid email on their website - then click the "I Want My Free Child Safety Package Now!" button."

FYI: Worldwide

What do I have to provide:

First Name

After registration form was sent: "Thank you for your interest! Your requested Child Safety Package should be delivered to you shortly! You can also download our Free e-Book right now."

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