Lipstock Chapstock Sample

A free sample of Lipstock Chapstock from Lipstock.com. What is Lipstock Chapstock?

It's a cream lip conditioner that's made in the U.S.A. "Balanced with the light and penetrating benefits of Watermelon Seed Oil, a soft blend of emollient-rich Organic Avocado Oil and Organic Shea Butter, with the potent antioxidants of Green Tea and Vitamin E. Resulting in on-the-spot pampering, and lasting, balanced care for your lips."

Request your free Lipstock Chapstock sample by visiting the Lipstock website.

FYI: I'm not sure who is eligible. I will list it as worldwide.

** A big thanks to Megan **

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After registration form was sent: "Thank you for requesting a free sample. Your sample will be delivered within the next 2 - 7 business days."

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