GLAD ForceFlex Trash Bag Samples

Request your free sample of GLAD ForceFlex trash bags from Walmart.

"Holiday parties and family gatherings are no time to mess around with taking out the trash. You can rely on GLAD ForceFlex trash bags to keep your kitchen tidy and your spirits bright.

GLAD ForceFlex® Trash Bags have:

A unique diamond texture that stretches around objects to help prevent rips and tears

"Smarter plastic" that allows the bag to stretch around objects instead of letting them poke through.

GLAD ForceFlex Trash Bag Samples

FYI: "While supplies last. Limit (1) sample per household. Samples are only available to consumers in the United States."

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After registration form was sent: "Thank you! Please allow up to four weeks for your free sample to arrive in your mailbox. In the event that there is a delay in shipping your sample, we may notify you via email."

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