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Quote From Site: "Nobody does it better. The mission of this magazine is to be the leading international authority on luxury lifestyles. In pursuit of this mission, the magazine's editors and writers seek out and report on a broad range of high-end, luxury lifestyle subjects. Its articles cover exotic automobiles, travel, investment, business, boating and real estate among other aspects of an upscale lifestyle.

Note: You will receive the October issue with no commitment or obligation whatsoever. You will NOT receive any additional magazines, you do NOT have to cancel a subscription, this offer will NOT automatically renew, and you will NOT owe any money after you have received your 1 issue. Toward the end of term of this subscription, the publisher may contact you by mail to see if you would like to continue your subscription. If you are enjoying the magazine and would like it to continue, you can choose to renew your subscription based on the offer provided by the magazine. We will not be accepting feedback on this magazine.

This October issue of Robb Report Magazine has been purchased on your behalf by Restaurant.com."


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