FREE Copy of "Savoring The Best of World Flavors" DVD Set

Order your free copy of The World Culinary Arts Series: Savoring the Best of World Flavors.

There are three sets to choose from:

"Volume One, Savoring the Best of World Flavors has been recognized with a prestigious 2007 James Beard Award for Best Webcast, and focuses on the flavors of India, Spain, Mexico and Thailand.

Volume Two of the Award Winning, Savoring the Best of World Flavors Highlights the "Gold Standard" of World Cuisines, with a focus on the foods of Southern Spain, Turkey, Malaysia, and Singapore, prepared by the top chefs in each region.

In Volume Three Savoring the Best of World Flavors , travel through the hidden kitchens of Vietnam and meet with local experts to discover the secrets of the iconic dishes that illuminate this culture. Learn more about the nation’s food foundation, rice, and its many preparations."

You can order all three, but you can only order one at a time and then return to their site to order the other sets.

FREE Copy of Savoring The Best of World Flavors DVD Set

FYI: Only one set may be ordered at a time. Please return to order alternate volume. USA. Business

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