Free Bittywink from Wink Toys

A free what? A Bittywink is a emoticon plush stuffed toy.

"Emoticon is an abbreviation for emotional icon, which is what all of those smiley and other faces are that you see in chat rooms, IMs and emails."

Quote From Site: "Register at http://winktoys.com/register.php and receive a free bittywink. Just enter your name, address and which bittywink and color you would like to receive when registering."

Offer is located in the bottom left sidebar on the bottom of their website.

** Thank you Megan **


What do I have to provide:

User name
Confirm password
Which bittywink and color would you like?
Two opt in boxes

After registration form was sent: "Profile has been successfully created"

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Chris said...

Thanks for the offers. I also use Fatwallet.com. They have plenty of free offers and great deals with discounts.