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UPDATE: "We will be offering free dog I.D. tags nationwide in the near future. You will receive Tag registration kits as we become operational in your area.

To those of you in our start up areas of South Florida and Southern California, your requests will be processed in the order received. Once again, thanks for your patience."

Here's a great idea for help if your dog gets lost. It's a free Sobe-Dog.com tag that's used to identify dogs and their owners.

Quote From Site: "SoBe-Dog.Com is Miami Beach's Free dog registry. Miami Beach and South Beach dogs and dog owners are protected by this free and easy to use tag system to identify dogs and their owners.

SoBe-Dog.Com is also your one stop source in Miami Beach and South Beach for all things dog related. Sobe-Dog.Com is sponsored and funded by Miami's best Veterinarians, Groomers, Kennels, Pet Suppliers, Pet Insurance Providers, Dog Food Suppliers, Dog Trainers, Dog Walkers, Dog Sitters, Dog Parks, Animal Clinics and Animal Hospitals.

Your free Sobe-Dog.com tag works anywhere in the world and assures your pet's safe return.

Visit Sobe-Dog.com to learn more request your free dog ID tags.

FYI: USA and Canada

What do I have to provide:


After registration form was sent: "You will receive your SoBe-Dog tag in the mail shortly. Please contact us if you didn't receive it within 3 days."

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