Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Bumper Sticker

Quote From Site: "We asked our online supporters to write a catchy Democratic slogan and vote on the best. Now you can order the winning bumper sticker for free!"

Bumper sticker reads - Sorry W, I’m the Decider DEMS IN ‘08

Visit Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee website to learn more and to request your free Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Bumper Sticker.

FYI: USA. "Due to overwhelming interest in the DSCC bumper sticker, we will begin shipping in 2 to 4 weeks. Thank you for your patience as we process your request."

What do I have to provide:


After registration form was sent: "Thanks for ordering your 2008 DSCC bumper sticker! Thank you for you order. Display your new bumper sticker proudly, knowing that your fellow Democrats chose our nationwide slogan."

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