High-Miler T-shirt, License-Plate Frame and Window Decal

Any Toyota truck owners out there? This one's for you. Toyota Truck Nation High-Miller.

Quote From Site: "Your truck has seen the battlefield and conquered. It has served so well for so long, and now it’s time for a bit of recognition. So take the stage and boast away. Don’t worry about those low-mileage vehicles — let them grovel. Your truck is an elder statesman. At least for a day, it should be worshipped.

Yes, there are a couple of quick things to fill out; it’s all part of giving credit where it’s due. Include your VIN, and we’ll make it worth your while and send you an official High-Miler license-plate frame and window decal. Don’t forget a photo, so we can show folks the meaning of rugged. For the honor of the picture, we’ll even include a High-Miler T-shirt with your gear."

Visit toyotatrucknation.com to learn more and to request your free High-Miler t-shirt, license-plate frame and window decal.

Thank you Artie!


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