Free World Youth Day T-Shirt

Just fill in a simple form on the Ave Maria University website to request your Free World Youth Day T-Shirt.

Once again I send out a thumbs up to Artie for the information on this freebie.

FYI: Worldwide?

What do I have to provide:

High School Graduation Year
Shirt size

After registration form was sent: "Thank you! You will be receiving your free world youth day t-shirt within 2-3 weeks."

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Mama said...

I can't figure out how to redeem this one... what am i doing wrong?

Sammie said...

Sorry mama, they have exhausted their supply of free t-shirts. When t-shirt freebies get posted everyone jumps all over them and the supply diminishes fast. Better luck next time and thank you for the comment.

Mama said...

lol, no apology necessary... I was just too slow... makes me feel better, I thought it was just me... like i couldn't see what was right in front of me... Thanks!