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Quote From Site: "Cuisinart Private Collection coffee combines the finest beans from growing regions around the world. Our Private Collection coffee was created to bring in-room beverages to a new level of quality, never before achieved with the discerning traveler in mind. After considerable testing, we have found the perfect coffee blend to compliment the best in class Cuisinart in-room coffee brewers. Our collection includes standard 4-cup filter packs and convenient single cup pods."

Visit the Cuisinart website to learn more and to request your free coffee sample.

Thank you Colleen.


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After registration form was sent: "Dear *****, Your request has been successfully submitted and you will receive your samples shortly. If you have any questions please contact us at: 1.800.678.2219"

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Anonymous said...

Rec'd e-mail: offer only for commercial customers. Nicely worded turndown.

Sammie said...

Thanks for the info. I didn't receive that e-mail I have to check my spam box. Appreciate the comment!