Downy TotalCare Coupon

I'm not quite sure if this is a coupon for a free bottle of Downy Total Care or for money off a purchase. It only states "Fill out this form to receive a free coupon of Downy Total Care" on the form to make your request. Guess we will see when it comes

Quote From Site: "You know the moment: a little spin, one pose in the dressing-room mirror and it’s love at first wear. When you find that perfect outfit, you want to keep it looking beautiful. Introducing New Downy® TotalCare™ with color and shape protection. This new fabric softener helps prevent fading and stretching even as it softens to keep clothes looking beautiful. So you can keep that first-wear love alive."

Visit Wal*Mart to learn more about this product and to request your free Downy TotalCare coupon.

Click on the Special Savings button in the left sidebar to get to the request form.

FYI: While supplies last. Limit (1) coupon per household. Coupons are only available to consumers in the United States.

What do I have to provide:

E-mail (optional)
Short survey
Birth date
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After registration form was sent: "Thank you! Please allow up to four weeks for your free coupon to arrive in your mailbox. In the event that there is a delay in shipping your sample, we may notify you via email."

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