Avanquest Connection Manager

Quote From Site: "Easily Manage Wireless & Network Connections Anytime, Anywhere!

* Connect automatically to the best internet network from any location.
* Detect laptop network settings to easily set up and remember printers, email and disk drives for each location you visit.
* Select these saved settings again when you return to the same location.
* Connect automatically and enjoy customized settings no matter where you are.

When you connect for the first time from a new location, Avanquest Connection Manager automatically selects the best available network. Connect quickly and easily to public WiFi hotspots in coffee shops or airports, in your hotel while travelling, when at home or in the office."

Visit the Avanquest Network websites to learn more about this product and to request your free Avanquest Connection Manager.

FYI: "USA, United Kingdom, France, Duetschland, Italia, and Espana"

What do I have to provide:

Nothing, just download the Avanquest Connection Manager

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