FREE TENA Serenity Samples

You have a choice of seven different samples with this one.

Quote From Site: "The TENA Protection Promise is more than a seal of approval. It’s a symbol of TENA’s commitment to bladder control protection made for superior security."

Choose from:

TENA Serenity Pantiliners for Very Light Bladder Leakage
TENA Serenity Pads for Light Bladder Leakage
TENA Serenity Pads for Moderate Bladder Leakage
TENA Serenity Pads for Heavy Bladder Leakage
TENA Serenity Underwear
TENA Serenity Guards for Men
TENA Serenity Overnight Pads

Visit Wal*Mart to learn more about these products and to request your free TENA Serenity sample.

FYI: While supplies last. Limit (1) sample per household. Samples are only available to consumers in the United States.

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After registration form was sent: Thank you! Please allow up to four weeks for your free sample to arrive in your mailbox. In the event that there is a delay in shipping your sample, we may notify you via email.

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