OralCare Product Review Team

Quote From Site: "Join the team and receive free oral care product samples to try in your home, and provide to your friends and family. By joining, you will be able to provide product feedback directly to the manufacturers of the samples that you receive. The more feedback you provide, the more samples you will receive."

Visit the OralCare website to learn more and to join the OralCare Product Review Team.

Thank you Colleen!

FYI: Worldwide

What do I have to provide:

Confirm e-mail
Date of birth
Education level
Short survey

After registration form was sent: "Thank you for joining our Product Review Team!

OralCare.com will start to send you FREE SAMPLES soon of new oral care products for you to evaluate, and you will receive additional coupons to be used at your favorite store. Your feedback will be invaluable to the oral care product manufacturers, and the more feedback you provide, the more samples you will receive.

We are excited to have you as part of our team, and we will keep you informed as new products and services are offered. Please remember that we will never share your name or email address with any manufacturer, and your information will never be sold or rented to other marketing companies."

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