Free NSF Safetytown CD

Quote From Site: "Please provide the following information to receive a free CD-ROM that demonstrates the ways in which NSF touches lives and businesses, creating safer communities.

Look for the NSF Mark. As an independent, not-for-profit testing organization, NSF International helps protect consumers by certifying a range of food, water and dietary supplement products. To help protect your family, NSF developed the Live safer® campaign, which includes creative ads and free tips developed to help you make educated decisions on products you use in your home everyday."

Visit their NSF to learn more and to request your free NSF Safetytown CD.

Click "Request a Safetytown CD by Mail" link in the left sidebar.

A big thank you to Colleen for this one. Good luck with your daughter's prom tomorrow.

FYI: Doesn't state eligibility but lists a country box. Worldwide?

What do I have to provide:

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