Free Deck Designer Software

Quote From Site: "Deck Designer - Windows XP
Free Deck Designer Software Download Automatically Calculates Your Project at The Home Depot Prices.

Many software applications can help you visualize your deck on-screen, but only Big Hammer's Deck Designer gives you a complete shopping list - letting you design, plan, & build your dream deck.

Deck Designer gives you shopping lists with bar codes.
Your Projects are calculated with current Home Depot prices. *
Take your lists to your local Home Depot store to buy what you need."

Visit the Big Hammer website to learn more about this product and to request your free Deck Designer Software.

The site states that you have to enter credit card information but there is no spot to enter it and form and download went through.

FYI: USA, Canada and Puerto Rico. "Offer valid 5/15/08 – 6/19/08 on homedepot.com. Free offer available for direct download only - not valid on packaged software. Offer not valid on a) prior purchases, or b) purchases from any The Home Depot store. Offer may not be combined with any other offer, promotion or special incentive program or used as payment on any The Home Depot credit account. No credit if offer refused. Cash value 1/20th of 1(cent). *Not recommended for Windows Vista. Internet connection required. *Pricing is available for US stores and provided in US dollars. "

What do I have to provide:

Verify e-mail
Opt in box
Verify password

After registration form was sent: "Thank You For Your Purchase Your Credit Card has been charged:Free. The charge will appear on your credit card as: ""DR *Big Hammer""

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