Free Asthma DVD

For those of us that have children with asthma. Request a free DVD that will help you understand your child's asthma.

Quote From Site: "Your child will enjoy the fun interactive games, music and more. And you will find important information that will help you understand your child's asthma.

Additionally, this interactive education tool will provide you with important information on one preventative asthma treatment option you should know about – PULMICORT RESPULES, an inhaled corticosteroid. When used daily as prescribed, PULMICORT RESPULES can help reduce inflammation in the airways, which makes it hard for kids to breathe – that means fewer attacks.

You will also learn about how to use a jet nebulizer in administering the medication to your child."

Visit the PULMICORT RESPULES website to learn more and to request your free asthma DVD.


What do I have to provide:

Confirm e-mail
Child's first name
Child's date of birth
Three opt in boxes
Short survey

After registration form was sent: Thanks for registering. Please allow 4-6 weeks for your DVD to arrive in the mail. Here are links to other asthma information resources that you may find useful.

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