Jennie-O Recipe Book: A Guide to Healthy Living in 2008

A nice healthy cookbook filled with easy, healthy recipes. Available for you to download and print out.

Quote From Site: "The holidays have come and gone and you’ve made your New Year’s resolution – a healthier you in 2008. This doesn’t mean you have to make drastic changes to your daily routine or diet. Just a few small adjustments will help you develop a fi tness and nutrition plan that will work for you year-round.

JENNIE-O TURKEY STORE® Fresh Turkey Products are great tasting, versatile and easy to use in your favorite recipes. From bacon to ground turkey to sausages and brats, JENNIE-O TURKEY STORE® products provide a fast solution for every meal. When compared to other protein selections, turkey is lower in calories, fat, cholesterol and sodium with comparable amounts of protein and iron.

Jennie-O Recipe Book

What do I have to provide:

Nothing, just download and print

FYI: Worldwide

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