Free Pocket Calculator or Pen Light

Free Pocket Calculator or Pen Light from MedicU.com

Quote from site: "After submitting this form a frame with a white background will open, indicating that your request has been sent. Very soon, you will receive a confirmation email. Therefore, a valid email address is required. We will not honor your request if an invalid email address is enter. Free Gift & EMS Week 2007 offer is limited to one FREE gift per physical address."

What do I have to provide:


FYI: Only one penlight per medic, per shipping address, and only with an authenticated email address. Therefore, in your request if you did not include an unique shipping address and or email address, you will not receive a penlight. We do not ship to PO BOXs. Shipping to address' outside of the contiguous 48 states is not FREE.

After registration form was sent: You will get a white background page

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