Free Heartburn Help Guides

The National Heartburn Alliance website has three free heartburn help guides on their website. You can download these guides or have them sent to you.

Quote From Site:" Stop & Select Guide - To help sufferers prevent heartburn before it starts, the NHBA has developed the Stop & Select Guide, a free guide that provides quick, visual cues of a food's potential to trigger heartburn. A list of foods that are typically heartburn friendly or trigger heartburn is included.

Get Heartburn Smart - Our free "Get Heartburn Smart" brochure contains valuable information about heartburn and its causes, strategies for treatment and prevention and tips for distinguishing heartburn from other conditions.

Heartburn Friendly Holidays - The Heartburn Friendly Holidays brochure is a guide to holiday dining tips and recipes for heartburn sufferers. The brochure features a variety of recipes that can be used during the holidays (or year round!) that are heartburn friendly."

Visit the NHBA website to learn more about these guides and to make your request.

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FYI: Worldwide

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