Free Sample of Purrfect Fence for Cats

Quote From Site: "Purr…fect Cat Fence is the first complete, free-standing, backyard fence enclosure for cats. Now any cat can safely enjoy all the benefits of the great outdoors, without you worrying about their safety.

To receive a complementary brochure, DVD, and a sample of Purr…Fect Fence, please select the information pack you wish to receive from the choices below. After making a selection you will be taken to our shopping cart. Please choose the FIRST option, "ordering brochures only" and complete the necessary information. No credit card information is required. Any questions, please call us at 1-888-280-4066."

Cat owners, here's your opportunity to sample a safety product for your beloved felines. To request more info and a free sample of Purrfect Cat Fence visit PurrfectFence.com.

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