Free T.J. Monkey's Sticker Archivers Pack

Quote From Site: "Being a T.J. Monkey's Sticker Achiever is as simple as this: you send us your address, we'll mail you five stickers, you'll stick those stickers someplace. "But, Porter," you say. "What if I just want one sticker? Huh? What if that?" Well, friends, the point of this whole venture is to not only put stickers on your own stuff, but to to display them somewhere where other people who've never been to the site might see them. Where? We'll let you decide; you're smart kids.

Being a T.J. Monkey's Sticker Achiever makes you a better, more morally sound person. Forty-two of the fifty states have TJMSA members (Alaska, Alabama, Deleware, Hawaii, South Carolina, Utah, Wisconsin, and Wyoming: you are lame apparently). Your friend, if he or she is remotely cool, is already a T.J. Monkey's Sticker Achiever. Do you want to be a part of the fastest growing sticker-putting-uppy-thing in the US? Do you want to be a part of the TJMSA?!!?! Then click here. Oh, and this is for those in the U.S. only at the moment. (Sorry Zaire.)"

Visit T.J. Monkey's website to learn more about this product and to request your free stickers.

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