Free Dry Cleaner's Secret

Wal*Mart has a do-it-yourself dry cleaning freebie available for all freebie fanatics.

Quote From Site: "Reduce your dry-cleaning bills and trips to the cleaners with Dry Cleaner’s Secret®. In just 20 minutes, your favorite clothes will be clean, wrinkle-free and ready to wear right out of your dryer.

The secret is the patented, dryer-activated cleaning cloth. It produces a safe, non-toxic cleaning vapor that gently penetrates clothing fibers. Plus, the Dry Cleaner’s Secret Cleaning Cloth was specifically designed to eliminate the hassle of a dryer bag."

Want to give it a whirl? Then visit the Wal*Mart website to learn more and to request your free sample of Dry Cleaner's Secret.

or copy and paste: http://walmart.triaddigital.com/enhancedrendercontent_ektid18198.aspx

What do I have to provide:

E-mail (optional)
Birth date
Short survey

FYI: Samples are only available to consumers in the United States. While supplies last. Limit (1) sample per household.

After registration form was sent: Thank you! Please allow up to four weeks for your free sample to arrive in your mailbox.In the event that there is a delay in shipping your sample, we may notify you via email.

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